Rhodec International was founded in 1960 as a private, independent institution to cater to the increasing educational needs of the burgeoning Interior Design profession around the world, and also to provide a practical and flexible response to the rapid changes that have taken place in lifestyle and education, while making the most of the improved communications available. Two accomplishments have characterized its growth: first, the development of an educational interior design course programme of high quality and second, the evolution of a system suited to a non-traditional institution that caters to the academic needs and career objectives of its students.

Rhodec International is a concept which depends on the many individual students who constitute its community; one which encompasses many nations and ethnic groups. It is a college in dispersion, held together by a common idea and by ties of modern communication.

Our world-renowned interior design course study programmes were carefully designed by leading professionals to offer a sensible and stimulating alternative for the training of an Interior Designer. We offer the most thorough home study interior design course that is available anywhere in the world. Although some full-time schools run interior design correspondence courses as a side-line, we have specialized for over forty-five years in teaching Interior Design solely by the home study method, and our courses are specifically tailored to suit busy individuals who cannot give up work and domestic commitments to attend full time courses and lectures.

Whether you're looking to improve your interior design skills or contemplating a complete career change, we have the course to suit you:

ONLINE INTERIOR DECORATING COURSE A 100% online version of our popular Interior Decorating Course, at a fraction of the cost. You can also try our FREE "sampler" course first, with no obligation, to get a taste of the contents of the full course.

INTERIOR DECORATING COURSE A thorough introduction to the subject, comprising 12 detailed lessons with accompanying assignments.

PROFESSIONAL DIPLOMA COURSE Trains you to know, understand and put into practice the essentials of professional interior design. The program is structured in ten units.

BACHELOR OF ARTS IN INTERIOR DESIGN Upgrade to Bachelor of Arts status with just one further year of study on graduation from the Diploma Course, 100% by distance learning. Hands-on project and dissertation work.

"Once again Rhodec outclassed all other colleges in distance learning education." Rhodec BA Graduate