RHODESWORKS LTD. represents a group of talented and dedicated people with
a wealth of experience in planning, design, and operation of museums and cultural institutions. Our core staff comes from a variety of backgrounds and has worked for and with a wide range of institutions: the Smithsonian Institution and other Federal agencies, state and local governments, universities, corporations, and large and small
private and public cultural institutions.

RHODESWORKS LTD. is committed to translating visions into interpretive
experiences that provoke visitors' thinking, arouse their senses and emotions,
and cause them to have a new appreciation of the world around them.

Armed with the knowledge that comes from years of broad, hands-on experience, we work with Clients to tell unforgettable stories through a wide range of means.
Our services:

• Concept Visioning
• Strategic and Master Planning
• Content Development
• Experiential Design
• Interpretive Design
• Interactive Design
• Lighting Design
• Interior Architecture
• Public Art
• Theater Design
• Media and Publication Design
• Graphic Design
• Identity and Branding Program Creation
• Storytelling
• Copywriting
• Evaluation
• Market Research
• Detailing and Specification
• Project Cost Estimating
• Project Management
• Architectural Liaison and Integration
• Board Development and Training