Ricardo de Castro was born in Barranquilla, Colombia on 1978. After living in Cambridge, England where he acquired a big interest in learning about the history of Architecture, he moved to Florence, Italy. He then began his first courses in Contemporary Art and Industrial Design. On 2001 he graduated from Universitat Internacional de Catalunya with a degree in Architecture. He would then work with Argos Management , ( Barcelona ) where he actively participated in projects such as TORRE AGBAR DE AGUAS BARCELONA. His passion and dedication to architecture and design took him to Milan, Italy where he earned his Master Degree on Interior Design. The big influence of contemporary furniture captured his attention and he then decides to engage on a Master's Degree in Industrial Design. On 2003 Ricardo participates as an aid teacher at the Politecnica de Milano. He would then work at Studio Piero Lissoni as an architect and interior designer for several years.