General Rice Shipment Inspection:
Check Job Assignment Details: Shipper, Commodities, Specification, Weight, Packing, Mark, Quantity, Vessel’s Name, Destination, Inspection date, etc.
Tare, gross and net weight of packaged rice is checked
Rice Quality is checked before and during loading
Cargo is checked for worms, insects, and foreign matter
Digital Photos are taken during the course of inspection
Rice weighing inspection:
The Weighing scale is checked before packing with standardized weights
Tare Weight of empty bags is checked
Random checking of gross weight is performed
Uniform Weight is reported
Rice loading inspection:
The Inspector checks the condition of the Lighter, including cleanliness, previous cargo, and type of floor, overlaid with dunnage and suitable for fumigation
Before container stuffing, the empty container is checked for cleanliness, dry, free of odour, free of infestation, watertight, etc.
Rice product quality is checked during loading. Report in statement of fact for rice loading, physical analysis report and finding for worms, insects, and foreign matter is performed
Sampling of rice cargo loading:
The Weigh Scale is checked before packing with standard weight
Pre-Loading Samples are taken, packed and sealed before loading
Loading Samples and reference samples are taken
Lab Analysis rice samples are taken for physical and chemical analysis in the laboratory
Composite sample mixing is taken for all samples of each day of Loading
The Weigh Scale is checked before packing with standard weight
Rice Quality laboratory testing:
Grain Composition, types and grades of rice
Rice Defects
Chemical Analysis
Amylose content and moisture content
Milling degree and Milling period
Admixture of other non-glutinous rice varieties
Alkali Test, Non-radioactivity test, DNA test, GMO test
Aflatoxin B1and B2, and G1 andG2
Pesticide residue analysis