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Okay fine: we've all been broke! I was once too. It wasn't until when my parents took me to Wal-Mart one day before high school started that I discovered something really fascinating...

I came in looking for a new jacket that day, but I walked out with a glimmering light bulb off the top of my head...

As a teen I'm always super self-conscious of the brands I wear. But as I was walking down the winter wear aisle of Wal-Mart checking out all the brands of jackets on every shelf, it quickly struck me that not one single brand I saw had a Wal-Mart label on it.

And as I ventured throughout the store, it was becoming apparent to me that Wal-Mart does not make ANY of the products they sell! Here's this mega-store of the world that's the symbol of American success. Yet, they don't make a single product in which they market!

Wal-Mart boarded the fast-track to prosperity by selling other people's products. Here's when my curiosity started: Why shouldn't I be doing the same?

Welcome to the world of affiliate marketing. The only difference is, I sell other people's products online, with no overheads, no start-up costs, no risks, no nonsense, and earth-shattering profits!

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