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As of 8/10, 92% of search engine Users found their results on page one of Google. This means that the sales, revenues and repeat business is going to these businesses, not yours. A Users perception of your business can go as follows; they find you on page one of Google. They think to themselves this must be a popular site and they click through to your Site. It sounds simple, but what page is your business on?

Note: Your Site results will display underneath the Sponsored Links on page one of Google. *We do not provide or support sponsored/paid for Links.

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“Anywhere, But Page One On Google Is Simply Useless And Lets The Viewer Think That You're NOT #1. Perception Is Simply Reality.”

Start creating business from new and existing clients, customers, patients, etc. Start managing your clients expectations by maintaining a prominent and interactive presence online. Keep in mind that social media, Web2.0, etc. is now mainstream. Users don’t just want it, they expect it.

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