The Ultimate Travel Companion

Before venturing into the skin care product business, we interviewed several different compounding companies that passed our standards for high quality and who had access to natural organic resources and devotion to details to produce a state-of-the-art non-drug, skincare product.

We found the right Company that upholds these important factors, and since our business is devoted to this ideological mindset, it was a perfect match.

Our skin is vulnerable to airborne toxins, including bacteria, fungus and carcinogens from factories and automobile exhaust, as well as tons of other harmful gases that are all around us causing irreversible damage to our face. NEU FACE™ is a super moisturizer with natural healing properties that turn back the clock on aging and makes you feel fresh.

NEU FACE™ contains anti-Demodex ingredients and essential oils that when used daily will help to reduce redness and reduce Demodex breakouts. It moisturizes deep into skin pores without irritation and over sanitizing your skin.

Finding a simple solution is at your fingertips, by misting your face 4 to 6 times a day. NEU FACE™ is a healthy way to add moisture and hydration to your skin every day to rejuvenate and sanitize your face. There are several active ingredients in NEU FACE™ that are known for their aromatherapy properties that aid in calming stress and anxiety, thereby stabilizing emotions when traveling in a plane or a car.