Arizona Landscape, Travel, Nature Photographer

Originally from the Chicago suburb of Elgin, Illinois... Rich Helmer's family headed west to Arizona just before his final year of high school. Rich became instantly infatuated with the desert southwest. Its renowned grandeur and mysterious energy would profoundly influence his later work, as would the endless beaches of Mexico and Southern California. Rich's sonic creativity emerged at an early age, as did his unorthodox approach to artistic ventures.

As a mostly self-taught guitarist and songwriter, Rich has never been one to live by a handbook. However, after devoting the majority of his life to music, he abandoned his true passion and decided to seek a more "realistic" vocation. The decade-long diversion is something that Rich still occasionally laments, but he also knows that the past is just that - the past. This is a fortunate thing, since his decision to dust off his vintage Telecaster and pursue his love of photography has left him with little time for regrets.

With both humility and purpose, Rich dares us to consider what possibilities may lie along the path less traveled. Whether provocative, soul-stirring, inspiring, disconcerting or some combination of these, the overarching theme in Rich's work is that, for him, the lens is much more than a curved piece of glass; it is a vehicle through which viewers can experience worlds that might have otherwise remained hidden.

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