Makers of the finest quality full and semi-custom, handmade hickory and maple drumsticks with custom printing options to add a signature and/or band logo. Rich Sticks allows drummers to design custom drumsticks to their own specifications! While others like to like to have their wood irradiated at the mill to ensure the whitest wood, we like to choose wood by its strength and straight grain. We use wood that is strong for playing, regardless of color. No pencil weight sticks for our playing sticks! Our sticks may be all sapwood, or all heartwood or a combination of both. What is important to drummers is their strength! It is the Mission of Rich Sticks to provide drummers of all skill levels with the highest quality semi-custom and full-custom drumsticks that are perfectly suited for their individual playing style at a price point that accommodates professionals and beginners alike. We will provide consulting services to those seeking a custom solution and will always seek to educate and support every drummer we have contact with. See our full line of drumsticks, Twist Rods, bass drum beaters, mallets, marching strikers and other drumming accessories at https://richsticks.com. Go design your own!