Visit us today! The ThermaViewer™ is a battery-backed up, microprocessor based, monitor that monitors and documents temperature or temperature/RH. It stores and displays a temperature history chart on its large panel display. The chart can be scrolled through or zoomed into and out of, so that a temperature history of 3 hours or 6 months can be seen at one time. Trends can be spotted and individual data points examined. Constructed of high impact materials to last for years, it has no moving parts, requires no paper, pens or ongoing maintenance. It incorporates the best features of chart recorders and data loggers. Continuous Information! The ThermaViewer™ is a combination data logger and chart recorder, combining the visual aspect of a chart recorder with the storage capacity and flexibility of a data logger. Like a data logger it continually samples and stores data, but unlike a data logger it doesn't need a computer to setup or to view the data. Like a chart recorder it samples and displays data, but unlike a chart recorder it stores months of data, doesn’t require charts, pens or a staff member to change the chart.