Ricky Molina is a composer-songwriter from New York City.  He performed as lead and rhythm guitarist in musical productions and now collaborates with other musicians and performers in the New Haven CT area
Ricky graduated from a top liberal arts college in the U.S. with an A in music composition and continued to learn more about the craft of composition and orchestratingl and midi arranging.
Ricky is a classical-jazz-pop-rock guitarist with a never-ending passion for the retro sound of traditional jazz, bebop and swing.  He also loves most rock music from the 70's and the dynamic recordings of the analog recordings from this period.  

Ricky grew up with Latin music in his blood - his mother's South American roots exposed him at a young age to Latin boleros, bossa nova, samba, tango and salsa - and he especially loves songs with sweet guitar arrangements.  You can hear the Latin influence in some of his compositions.

Ricky also composes and arranges on a midi keyboard, accessing thousands of patches across the sonic spectrum with VSTs and effects.  To see a list of programs and plugins that Ricky uses, please check out the Product Reviews section of this web site as well as the credits on his YouTube video descriptions.  Song credits also list equipment, programs and plugins used on tracks.  "Composing on a keyboard is like speaking through another medium," Ricky says, noting that keyboards combine chordal phrases with melody lines in different inversions than guitar.  "Things tend to open up and get wider with keyboards," Ricky notes.  "They're also more percussive for fast attack transients."
So you'll find a diverse range of musical taste in Ricky's repertoire - from rock, to jazz, bossa and neo-classical.  Ricky composes sync music for YouTube (please visit the Ricky Molina channel to check out his video-music productions), and welcomes the opportunity to write original music for ads, video games and film.
Ricky's studio is equipped with some of the latest recording technology and he works independently on most instrumental and orchestral arrangements.  However, Ricky enjoys working with other artists as well.     

While many of his compositions are instrumentals, Ricky welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with other singer-songwriter-lyricists.  If you're a lyricist and/or singer and are inspired by one of Ricky's compositions, please let him know and maybe there's an opportunity to collaborate on a track. In these situations, Ricky believes that each contributor deserves to get the credit they deserve for writing the song, in terms of ownership, copyrights and remuneration.

Ricky also does work as a studio session guitarist for other songwriters and producers.  If you need a sweet guitar progression or solo, feel free to send him the basic song structure, and Ricky will send you  a set of high-quality layered takes (stems) that can be can easily be integrated into your DAW session.      

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