Did you know that there are more than 600,000 rideshare drivers in the US and even more if you add those drivers outside of the states? ..... Amazing, isn't it?

The service is used more than 15,000 times per day in the bigger US cities, which is why there is a place for a Rideshare service that offers drivers more money earning potential and keeps prices reasonable for passengers. This is a win-win situation for everyone!

I have developed a multilevel network marketing program and put it together with the rideshare service. Existing rideshare services such as Uber, Lyft, Juno, and others take 10% to 25%  as commission from each gross fare. Drivers earn the net amount after commission has been paid and that is all until the next fare. This business requires no product purchases at all and as a driver, you earn money for the people that you transport from place to place. In that part of the service you provide, nothing changes as you would find in existing rideshare services. But, in this new business that I am building, the other way that you can earn extra money is to bring more drivers in to the program that will become the drivers' downline.

This rideshare service is similar to the ridesharing experience with existing companies, but with this program drivers are empowered to have an unlimited earning potential. It is safe to say that many drivers want to earn more money. The drivers are frustrated that competition is driving down the fares between companies because they are the ones paying for it (pardon the pun). The benefit for the customers is that there is no need for surge pricing to be used, and for the drivers, it would be great to have extra money for health care insurance and family expenses, etc.

The business works through recruitment by which individuals are invited to become drivers as Independent Contractors, sometimes through another driver of the company and sometimes through a generally advertised open door membership registration (membership fee and fingerprinting/ background check are required for participation).

If an individual chooses to become a driver with my company, they will earn money both through the day to day ridesharing activity and through recruiting other drivers, by receiving a percentage of the gross fare that those drivers generate. Afterwards, when those recruited drivers recruit other drivers, the original driver will earn money on the income those drivers generate too. In effect, I have created four tiers deep that pay a commission to those who are up line and responsible for that individual to have been recruited in the first place.

How does the commission work?

The Company will deduct 20% from the gross amount received from the fee of the rider who uses the rideshare service. Of the 20%, 10% is set aside for the tiered commission payout and the remaining 10% is for the Company. The 1st tier to 4th tier payout to the original driver is as follows: 4.5%, 3%, 1.75%, and .75%. So, if the original member has one recruit and they recruit one person and so on, for a total of four tiers who all make $1000 in a month, then the original member makes $100 commission from them in addition to their own personal earnings. That's pretty good, isn't it?

Upline commissions for Original Member looks like this:

1st tier: $1000 – 4.5% = $45.0

2nd tier: $1000 – 3% = $30.00

3rd tier: $1000 – 1.75% = $17.50

4th tier: $1000 – 0.75% = $7.50

Can you imagine having 20 recruits on the 1st tier who all earn $1000 in one month?

This is how it pays out:

1st tier: 20 x $1000 = $20,000

$20,000 - 4.5% = $900

This extra money without having to do more than to invite others to join this program is fantastic, isn't it? Check out the business method to see just how this profit sharing can help to have a higher income and better life.

What happens when people are recruited?

The bottom line is that the more people who are recruited by a member the less hours required to work. Depending on the number of those recruited by a member, the required hours of being online per month to receive commission is 80, 60, 40 and 25. However, a minimum of 40 hours per month is required to be eligible to payout commissions to the up line. The up line is the people who were recruited before you and part of your group.

This is a chance for Rideshare drivers to have financial independence and feel the benefit of earning more money when higher paying jobs are not easily available, all while working less hours. I hope that this gives you an understanding of the potential for great income. If you have any questions, the please feel free to ask them.

This is really going to happen. The support of the those who believe in this change within the Rideshare industry are ultimately helping everyone.