No one has to be told how uncomfortable cycling can be, particularly after a lengthy absence and a few more pounds of body weight.

Lifelong cycling enthusiasts who say they've got used to eating up all those miles on their trusted 'conventional' saddles, beware the physical damage you could be doing to yourselves. Chances are you haven't actually 'broken in' your saddle as you might think.......... the saddle has broken you in, although you might not want to admit to it! Imagine how much further you could go if you weren't constantly having to grin and bear the discomfort. Surely cycling performance should be a matter of personal fitness and strength, not one's pain threshold.

Leisure cyclists: that numbness feeling you're getting during and after your ride is very real. Your body is trying to tell you something and you should start to heed its warnings.

And for those of you whose bicycles are doing nothing more than collect dust in the garage because you find using them too uncomfortable: if there was an affordable solution to this discomfort wouldn't you prefer to ditch the car once in a while in favour of one of the best forms of exercise there is?

Amazing isn't it. With all the engineering sophistication that goes into today's bicycles, whether they be road going racers or off-road mountain bikes, perineal (that's the 'crotch') discomfort has yet to be properly remedied....... UNTIL NOW, THAT IS!