Are you a solo professional, non-profit organization or small business that cannot afford full-time administrative support?

Are you a copy writer, author, website designer, journalist, or lawyer who needs a proofreader to give you a "fresh pair of eyes"?

Are you spending more time on administrative tasks than you thought you would when you started your practice or business?

Are there administrative tasks that you are having to complete but not doing well?  Is this costing you business, time and money?

Are you spending more time working on administrative tasks than finding new clients, customers or working on new projects?

Are you ready to have a Virtual Assistant provide you with the help you need?

If you answered "YES!" to any of these questions, you need a Virtual Assistant.

Right-Hand-Man Virtual Assistant Services is a Multi-VA team practice which is owned and managed by Darrell A. Williams.
Darrell has over 8 years experience in the administrative support field. He has worked for organizations in Canada, the US and the UK.  He has also worked as an event planner and personal assistant.  Darrell has not only been self-employed, but has also held management positions in several companies and has worked in private sales contracting.  
 Through our commitment of constant educational upgrading, Darrell recently increased our company's capabilities by completing a Legal Administrative Assistant training program.  

Darrell's specialties include proofreading, travel arrangements, legal administrative assistance, editing, document formatting and calendar management.