Achieve Your  Mission

Our goal is to make it easy for you to build your programs, support worthy causes and position your organization as a leader in philanthropy. Please call us about partnering in your latest and greatest venture – building community one grant at a time. Administrative Support, Planning and Preparation

   To effectively produce our core services, RGA is also able to offer administrative support and can plan and prepare for board and committee meetings, prepare executive summaries and background materials for senior staff, board members and trustees, write and maintain meeting minutes and organizational documents, provide staff, co-ordinate with professional advisors including attorneys, certified public accountants, auditors and financial advisors, serve as contact person representing foundation in the community.

Mediation and Coaching

   RGA believes in being prepared for any eventualities and so our associates are certified mediators and coaches. Trained professionals can offer solutions to sticky board and staff situations and lead the way to improved performance and consensus building. Succession planning, staff function, board/staff relationships, expansion or decrease of mission can all be addressed effectively and professionally with a focus on positive outcomes.  

Organizational Review
Professional third party assessment of your organization to assess strengths and weaknesses, governance, program development, operations, communications, grants and distributions, goals, objectives and strategies

Writing and materials design, internet strategy and development, web site maintenance, branding, messaging, member, donor and grantee communications, press materials, multimedia presentations

Develop grantmaking program, establish annual grantmaking plan and criteria, manage and execute grant applications and distribution program, do all due diligence, ensure proper evaluation of all grants, recommend appropriate charitable investments, arrange for annual site visits and meetings with non-profit executives, conduct training and education sessions for board, staff and grant applicants.

Fund Development
Researching and initiating collaborative funding efforts with appropriate funding partners, planning and managing special events and fundraisers, planned giving, and direct solicitations.