Montreal, Canada- Ayrin Islam, the founder and CEO of ringID is challenging the tech world with her pragmatic application. ringID, was a result of her personal initiation to create a solution for heavily engaged individuals who were tired of using too many apps for their various networking activities. Ayrin saw a gap in the marketplace and used her experience and business intelligence to develop and launch ringID, the all-in-one communication platform.

As a fresh business graduate, Ayrin got off to a quick start as an entrepreneur and in the last seven years has developed a proven track record for herself with a long list of success in the Telecom, Colocation and IP industry. Experienced, determined, and ambitious, Ayrin is boldly taking on the social networking sector.

Driven by the desire to provide a hassle free communication experience, ringID lets users enjoy seamless interactions with fellow contacts without having to switch to a different application.

ringID features include:

Social Newsfeed – Engage with your contacts by sharing pictures and statuses they can like, share, and comment on
Secret Chat – Ensure the privacy of your messages by setting an expiration date for the deletion of your content
VoIP Calling – Speak directly with other users for free against a crisp and clear background
Message Retrieval – Delete any messages and content sent to your contacts’ devices retroactively
Creative Texting – Liven up your conversations, expressing yourself with fun and free stickers and word art

With ringID, users are in control of their network with the power to customize access settings for fellow contacts. This lets users personify what, how, and with whom they want to share their information. Furthermore, ringID helps prevent users from regretting any unwanted sent messages with its Message Retrieval feature where users can get back and delete their messages and sent content.