An emerging company in Rio de Janeiro, Rio VIP, plans to take the luxury travel experience to the next level by bringing the Vegas VIP feel to Rio de Janeiro. The company has announced that their goal is to attract clients globally who are seeking the true luxury VIP experience.  
    Rio VIP has announced that they are launching now in order to properly prepare for the crowds of tourists who will be present in the city’s upcoming sporting events which will be watched by the world, the anticipated 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympic games. Both events will draw large crowds and Rio VIP has stated their goal is to accommodate the influx of tourists in such a short time period.
    Industry professionals have been brought in from Sao Paulo, Montreal, Munich, and Washington DC to guarantee smooth preparation in the coming year for the global events gracing Rio in the next few years. The team includes graduates from some of Europe’s most renowned concierge and hotel management schools. Maksym Reznichenko, the founder of Rio VIP was quoted as saying “We are excited to bring this exclusive service to a city that’s expected to see so much growth and potential in the upcoming decade.”  Rio VIP’s lead host, Alexandre Azevedo is quite certain that clients will begin booking their trips for the World Cup in the next few months.
    Rio VIP is open for business now but the official launch is not expected to come until the middle of March after the dust from Carnival has settled.