Rip n Go is proud to announce it has reached a Canada wide sales agreement for its adult line of products with two leading firms in the healthcare industry: Westech Health Care and Pro-Aide Médic. These firm are well established and will enable Rip n Go to get its unique line of product to those who have limited mobility and/or incontinence. “This unique model will allow for us to reach across Canada and enable us to have sales and customer service support in each province” says Louise Minder, founder and inventor of Rip n Go.

According to the Canadian Continence Foundation 10% or 3.3 Million Canadians suffer from some form of incontinence. The number goes up as we age, studies have shown that 1 in 3 over 65 will have incontinence in their lifetime. Rip n Go provides a cost effective, environmentally friendly and comfortable solution to those suffering from incontinence.  Our solutions helps people sleep better at night.

Video of our product: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hu0vomFxJCc and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPvBg0CGjQk

We hope to transform how care is provided in Canada to those with limited mobility and/or those who suffer from incontinence.
Westech Health Care will represent Rip n Go in all provinces and territories west of Quebec with the Adult Line to healthcare providers such as home health care providers, pharmacies, etc. “A very simple elegant solution to an age old problem at night for adults and kids with incontinence issues. Home Health Care dealers will love selling this product!” Says Jeff Jones, Founder of Westech.

Pro-Aide Médic will represent Rip n Go in all provinces east of Quebec for all product lines: Baby, Toddler and Adult Lines. They will also allow for us to provide services in French. “We are proud of being part of the Rip N Go family and offer to eastern Canada and the province of Québec, both to the english and french speaking population their new INNOVATIVE product. We believe that our association with Rip N Go will be a success story.” Says Olivier Lagueux, V-President of Pro-Aide Médic.

About Rip n Go: Rip n Go is an Aboriginal owned Ottawa based company with an innovative incontinence and bed change product for Babies, Toddlers and Adults.  The Baby line allows for the fastest way to change crib sheets. Junior line helps with quick bed changes in case of bedwetting while potty training. The Adult line of product is geared towards caregivers and adults who suffer from incontinence and/or limited mobility easily changed incontinence pads and bed sheets.

Rip n Go has received mentorship from Invest Ottawa and MaRS DD and featured in the Globe and Mail as well other media.

Westech Health Care: Westech Health Care, founded in 2013, provides expertise in home health care and medical supplies, sales, distribution and marketing support across English Canada from BC to Newfoundland. Based in Calgary, our company has seven sales and education reps across the country supporting International manufacturers and dealers of medical, mobility and home health products.

Pro-Aide Médic
Pro-Aide Medic has specialized in the last 17 years in importing, distributing and servicing health care products from local, national and international manufacturers to the Canadian market. Our task force is coast to coast with a bilingual head office in Québec city.