Rise Executives provides sales and marketing outsourcing services for Fortune 500 companies nationwide.  Our clients contract with us to increase their market share using our proven direct sales approach.  We effectively reach and influence our clients’ target market through focused, in-person sales campaigns.  Our sales presentation is face-to-face, allowing us to personally demonstrate the benefits of our clients’ products and services.  This in turn, has a domino effect: Sparking new sales, generating reorders, leading to long-term customer retention, and providing measurable results for our clients.

We create a culture of opportunity within a team-oriented, positive, nurturing environment—making Rise Executives a win-win situation for clients and employees alike.  Our Account Managers are high-energy, team-oriented competitors who enjoy the satisfaction of learning and overcoming challenges every day.  Individual achievement is valued and rewarded , but we compete as a team—supporting and applauding the success of our team mates.  Mentoring and coaching is a big part of our culture as well.  Every day, through formal training and informal coaching, we help one another learn and succeed.  We work hard, but we always have fun too!

“The Culture at Rise Executives is professional, positive, and team-oriented.  The future managers of Rise Executives are the ones who have a selfless and student mentality, where each day they are making a conscious effort to better themselves and others in an environment, which allows them to reach their goals.  It is all about the TEAM! “  Shawn Windey, Rise Executives President

About The Company

Rise Executives, Incorporated is located in San Diego, California. We have a number of management offices in Southern California, as well as, Nationwide and are looking to expand to five different markets by the end of 2012. Representing the world’s biggest brands in the technology, communication, and office supply industries.  Rise Executives is a leading sales and marketing company in the San Diego market.

Rise Executives has an executive staff with experience in the direct sales and marketing industry. Our experience has given our company several opportunities to expand to other states and industries. Rise Executives’ main focus is on entrepreneurship, community involvement and personal development. Our team of highly talented individuals is able to advance simply by the results they generate.