Rising, Inc. is incorporated in Washington State as a non-profit corporation.  We are currently seeking and have applied for our 501(c)3 non-profit certification from the IRS.

Our mission is to provide musical performances that give audiences the chance to experience the power of Ronnie's music live.  All proceeds from these shows will be used to make distributions to local or regional non-profits in the area where the shows are held.  We currently focus on three types of non-profit organizations:

>> Homeless teen and youth support services
>> Cancer research programs
>> Music education programs

Rising, Inc. has no salaried staff and the musicians and crew have the "option" of receiving a set union scale wage for each show. Rising maintains a seed money fund that is used to cover the costs of the tours and promotion.  The band itself is the largest contributor to this fund.  We also rely on the support of friends and fans to make this happen and together we can keep his music in the forefront of music history and in turn support worthy causes in his honor.