RiskPulse OnTime: Meet Delivery Windows

Riskpulse OnTime calculates the probability of delivering early, late, or within a specific delivery window and returns the top risk reasons for a potential missed delivery time, together with a risk score. Using risk scores and risk reasons, shippers, 3PLs, brokers, and carriers are able to improve service performance, acting on up to 6 times more ‘at risk’ shipments than before the solution was deployed.

RiskPulse InFull: Protect Cargo

Riskpulse InFull is configured for each cargo’s specific environmental tolerances and helps catch overspend on temperature-controlled freight (PFF/PFH, protect from freeze, protect from heat) while staying within quality thresholds. Replace seasonal lane calendars with dynamic recommendations for equipment types and identify shipments that may be compromised.

RiskPulse OverSee:  Facilities Risk Awareness

Riskpulse OverSee calculates the risks due to external factors up to 2 weeks out. Risk profiles can be customized per site, per region, or per type. Email, SMS and voice alerts are sent when tolerances are reached. Risk scores for physical assets are calculated across 3 categories: Environment (weather), Social (crowds, unrest, and other human factors), and Infrastructure (utility outages, construction, etc.).