RiskShield Tools is a full spectrum healthcare regulatory compliance consulting business that was developed by health law attorneys and compliance specialists to make healthcare compliance easier for medical practices, home health agencies, skilled nursing, durable medical equipment, addiction treatment, clinical laboratories and pharmacies.

Our consultant team assesses every aspect of healthcare regulatory compliance; identifies any specific deficiencies; recommends specific “fixes” for each deficiency (which can be done by any qualified healthcare lawyer or compliance consultant).

Why?  Because we noticed the following deficiencies in the area of “compliance”—
               •It’s a fragmented business with lots of subspecialists and no one stringing it all together;
               •Many compliance business owners lack any legal experience or hands on experience in a healthcare business setting;
               •Compliance consulting is often not performed under attorney-client or accountant-client privilege;
               •Purchasers of healthcare businesses don’t know the difference between financial due diligence and regulatory due diligence;
•Compliance fees are often time based and frightening (RiskShield sets their fees in advance); and
               •Compliance providers often make things complicated