Riverbrook Capital is a stand-alone, privately-owned value investment boutique operation that is focused on high yield investment opportunities and listed equities in the global markets. We offer portfolio management services to private individuals and institutions through open-ended managed client accounts

Riverbrook Capital investment managers have been active in global equity markets since 1997, having an average of 13 years of industry experience. Today Riverbrook Capital has one of the largest dedicated teams to global investments, comprising a number of distinguished professionals based in Hong Kong.

Riverbrook Capital investment style is oriented towards financial worth (value). We locate good added value by applying our proprietary hands-on research methods and engaging in local presence that enables us to identify attractive investment opportunities. Riverbrook Capital overlooks all-cap companies, but we find our best performers in the small and mid-cap sectors.

We operate in a more complex sector, although backtesting data and live results show that small- and mid-caps offer better risk-return. Most of the larger funds focus solely on 30-40 blue chips, because they are limited by additional limitations due to their size, hense minimazing the amount of opportunity they can offer to their clients.

Dynamic management of supervised portfolios makes your capital work for your benefit, while balances funds allocation mean the worth of your capital is maintained even when the times are tough. Our research shows that the best portfolio balance is achieved if you are willing to take slightly bigger risks to gain much bigger rewards. After all, the greater the risk, the greater the potential returns.

Our investment principles are approved by Riverbrook Capital investment committee, whose members are analysts and experts in different fields – economics, finance, legislation, investment analysis, market research, statistics – all share a bundle of knowledge and expertise.

Their help ables us to spot opportunities early on and recongise dangers before they occure, therefore making the best decisions for your benefit. With their help we’re able to spot opportunities in good times and recognise dangers in bad times therefore making the best decisions for your benefit.

There are always companies that are growing faster than others – you just have to know where to look for them and knowing is our speciality!