The fundamental marketing strategies we use have been in practice for over 100 years. We bring them to the Internet, using online tactics that are being successfully utilized on thousands of websites, world-wide.

We’ve been making money online since 2002. Now we are finally able bring our street-tested expertise to a select group of clients who wish to dominate their local marketplaces through the use of our proven online marketing methods.
Hot Techniques To Get More Clients!

- Getting Found In Search Engines Like Google Using Pay-Per-Click Ads To Quickly Drive Visitors To Your Site

- Capturing Users’ Contact Information And Following Up With Online and Traditional Sales Methods

- Participating In Social Media Forums Like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn To Create a Community and Identity Around Your Brand

- Communicating With Clients And Prospects Via Effective Direct Mail and Stay-In-Touch Campaigns

- Using text messaging (SMS) to communicate coupons and special deals to existing customers

- Harnessing the power of YouTube to create video content to educate your clientele.

These are just some of the things The River Rock Group will help you with.

The list can be a bit daunting, so we’ll start by putting together a tailor-made marketing blueprint to determine which strategies make most sense for you to implement now, and which ones you’ll grow into down the road.
Our Goal Is Building YOUR Bottom Line!


Emily J. Cressey
Founder of The River Rock Group, LLC

Emily Cressey is a successful investor, author and business coach. She lives in Seattle, WA with her husband and two children.

- Phi Beta Kappa and Graduate With Distinction in Economics - UNC-Chapel Hill

- Author of "Online Business Marketing - Strategies And Techniques For Marketing Your Business On The Internet" and "Keep The Change - 25 Tips That Make Cents For Your Financial Future"

- Co-Owner and Founding Member of Grassland Investments, LLC, a real estate investing syndicate that has purchased over $30 million in commercial real estate.

About Emily Cressey - Best-Selling Author: Online Business Marketing | Leads & Sales Development Strategist Introduction

A Message From Emily:
I L-O-V-E creating insanely profitable marketing campaigns for businesses.  Work primarily with business professionals who want to find more leads and build excellent relationships!

Incredibly blessed to own a business in a field I have had a passionate interest in for the past 15 years!  

My two young kids, Blake & Julia, and husband, Ben, remind me that life is about more than work and we enjoy year-round walks through the rain, guzzling Starbucks coffee, and Sasquatch-hunting expeditions here in Lynnwood, WA - just north of Seattle.

My firm The River Rock Group (http://RiverRockGroup.com) helps companies

- Attract more prospects,
- Convert prospects into sales, and
- Maintain relationships to cultivate more sales and referral business.

How Do We Accomplish This Herculean Feat?  

Here's Our 3-Step Heavy-Lifting Routine:

1) Market Research: Identify how their clients are looking for information about their products and services.

2) High-Converting Sales Funnel: Creates a high-converting sales funnel using technology (websites, video, social media, mobile websites & apps, text messages, etc.) and

3) Unleash The Hoards: Send traffic to the sales funnel, which is tracked and tested to calculate ROI and improve results over time.

If you're spending money marketing ANYWHERE it must be tracked so that you know whether its effective or not.

How To Build A High-Converting Website That Gets Found Online:

Currently, we are finding that many business owners are looking to learn and better-understand online marketing strategies so they can implement them, themselves.

We put together a FREE video-training that will take you through the steps of making sure your website is built to attract and convert prospects.

Here's a FREE place to get started with your own SEO-optimized high-converting website:


See you there!