We've all heard the term "necessity is the mother of invention". In the case of the Loyd's Rivet Drill Guide it couldn't be closer to the truth. The idea behind this unique little kit of tools is to eliminate misdrilled rivets which directly effects the integrity of the hole that is to be reused. Also this tool keeps drill bits from "skating" off the heads of rivets and dancing across the skin, gouging the corrosion barrier on the skin and chewing up the customers paint job.
There is a lot to be said for this tool because of the way it saves maintenance facilities money, time, materials, and in some cases, jobs. If you've been in the aviation industry any time at all, you should know that there is no such thing as a $100 fix, and you know how much time discussing how to fix a bad hole can be taken up. Aircraft delivery dates can get set back, because engineering had to get involveā€‹d, an elaborate repair with straps and fillers and shims had to be fabricated, all because there wasn't enough ED after the discrepant hole cleaned up for the next oversize fastener. Strange how the little things can explode on you in this industry, even to seasoned mechanics. Basiclly misdrilled rivets create waste! The good news is, now there is a prevention. The cure is Loyd's Rivet Drill Guide. This tool is based on 43 years of experience in sheetmetal and structures. This kit was designed to be simple, and easy to use. The hard case even reflects a lot of thought, such as the FOD free closed cell charcoal foam, shadowed with the white foam underlay. The case is vapor and moisture tight, and will float. It also has a hinged lid with "O" ring seal and 3 over center cam latches. The kit comes with Boelube 70104. The theme of the kit is red, which makes it easy to spot is misplaced, even the vinyl handles on the drill guides are red in case they are dropped in the "bowels" of an aircraft. These drill guides can be used with threaded bits as well as straight jobber bits. These guides can be used with any 1/4" drill, 90 degree, 45 degree, snake drill, pancakes, etc. Because of their compact design they will work in tight areas such as inside of wings or under floors. The foot of each guide is designed to fit within the pitch of most all rivet patterns.