Founded in 2002, Rivet Software is headquartered in Denver, CO, and is a pioneer in standards-based business reporting and analytics, serving public and private companies, regulatory agencies and investors worldwide. Rivet currently works with 25% of all Fortune 500 companies in meeting their SEC filing needs and has submitted a full 20% of all XBRL financial files to the SEC to date. Rivet empowers businesses with control over the collection, analysis and dissemination of their internal and external financial information, helping to advance the transformation of business communication worldwide.

Rivet was created by software and accounting industry veterans to produce easy-to-use, highly scalable software for basic to complex organizations. Built around the concept of Financial Integrity Management, Rivet develops software based on cutting edge technology and industry standards to provide sophisticated, user-friendly
financial aggregation and reporting solutions. Products range from XBRL tagging to server-based solutions that dynamically generate aggregations across operational systems – thus bypassing complex and expensive data warehouse environments.

Rivet offers a full range of XBRL services for SEC filers: from managing the entire process for them (full-service) to providing the software for companies to file autonomously (self-service). Most Rivet clients fall somewhere in between - get help with their initial XBRL filings, provide interactive review capabilities within the Rivet platform, train their employees and supply the technology necessary to do it on their own. The transition from full-service to bringing the process in-house is simple because Rivet’s team uses the same software internally that we provide for clients to use, the Crossfire Financial Reporting Platform.

Clients start learning the system from day one – a huge advantage in minimizing transition training, cost and disruption. This technology fully automates and streamlines financial communications and reporting. It also makes it easy to synthesize and analyze vast amounts of data to find opportunities to save, grow and better compete in a dynamic global marketplace.

The Crossfire Financial Reporting Platform is available as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product. This platform leverages Microsoft® Excel, SharePoint® and SQL Server® technologies and runs in a web browser. Designed by accountants for accountants, Crossfire features data comparisons, single hub information access, an integrated information center and much more. This technology is supported by Rivet's global professional services team 24/7.

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