RKNet Studios is in the business of producing, marketing and distributing digital media content including full feature films; for the 500 million strong English speaking South Asian middle-class populations in the 17+ age group around the globe.

Our first feature film is in post-production and is aimed at younger audience worldwide that is looking for more realism and spice from Bollywood. The language in our movies is English and Bollywood Hindi... with English, Spanish and Arabic subtitles. We are not making mythological movies that are fabulously unreal. We're just keeping it real, entertaining, and thrilling without compromising high standards of etiquette, morality, and pristine language.

Our New Jersey video production facility combines "outside of the box" creativity with state-of-the-art production resources to deliver outstanding High Definition video/film productions to our clients.

We are positioning to offer comprehensive range of creative, technical, financial, promotional, marketing, distribution, and trading support to our clients, as well as, utilize these in-house resources in the production of full feature films for global distribution. We aim to become a single destination for video and film related services that exceed the expectations of our valued clients.

The world is full of great independent films that will never be sold or screened because they lack the right business model and go-to-market plan.

The uncertainty of the movie business makes the job of the movie marketer even more important. Whether a movie is Oscar worthy or downright lousy, the movie marketer has to figure out a way to fill those seats at the multiplex… and sell DVDs and streaming VOD.

RKNet Marketing experts can help you compile and organize the market research/data that will offer a convincing business model to investors and lead to a successful sales and marketing campaign.

RKNet is creating a strong distribution network and sales channels for a successful run for the feature films that have been produced in-house or acquired. We know the global distribution landscape… and our fellow independent producers can tap into it for mutually rewarding engagement. Every project is undertaken and executed with care, hard work and enthusiasm.

RKNet utilizes a hands-on approach towards integrated marketing and distribution to ensure a successful reception of films in the marketplace. RKNet offers innovative and flexible distribution agreements that are results-oriented and filmmaker-friendly.