REDD Management, Strategy, and Financial (RMSF) is an American conglomerate corporation incorporated in Delaware and headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri.  As of 2017, the company operates through the following segments: Capital, Retail, Technology, Management Consulting, and Commercial Real Estate which cater to the needs of Financial Services, Retail Trade, Engineering, Energy, Healthcare, Professional Services, and Real Estate industries.

The RMSF Group comprises a consortium of investors, educators, philanthropists, innovators, risk takers, and bold thinkers who make dynamic and determined moves and provide performance enhancement focused management services to 5 wholly owned operating businesses.  

The portfolio of businesses includes:
-     RMSF Capital
-     J B Yarns & Company
-     PTEW Technology
-     RRE International
-     RMSF Advisory & Consulting

Our flagship company, RMSF 7 Inc., will use and connect advanced technology to globally explore broad ranging problems, including energy, water, and medical research, and is slated to initiate early-phase work in 2019.

As a rapidly growing startup, RMSF has assembled the most talented team and has the most distinctive platform for redesigning the future.

For more information, please visit our corporate website.