OrgVitality is a management consulting firm that works with leaders to create vital organizations. Our focus is on helping people and organizations maximize performance and realize potential in a sustainable fashion. This requires a supportive culture aligned with the appropriate systems and processes.

We are a team of industrial-organizational psychologists and, as such, our foundation is based on scientifically-sound research. However, our approach is practical, not theoretical.

Working with us provides you with actionable insights to obtain the outcomes and business results you desire. Because we are customer-centric, we see every client as unique and our solutions are custom crafted. Lastly, our experience is broad and deep. We work in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors, across different industries and with diverse business challenges.


An organization’s vitality is its capacity for survival or the ability to exist meaningfully. This requires a delicate balance between its current performance and its potential for the future.

Today’s environment is more volatile and will remain so for the foreseeable future. OrgVitality has identified five Enduring Challenges common to nearly all organizations as illustrated in the Enduring Challenges Model©. These challenges are becoming more and more “routine”, and responding effectively to challenges is becoming a “normal” issue that organizations need to be equipped to face in a way that is sustainable and does not limit future options. If for instance in responding to a challenge, the organization repeatedly disenfranchises employees, suppliers or customers, that organization will not remain sustainable as key employees will depart, and suppliers and customers will question their rationality of continuing to do business with the offending entity.

Additionally, should the organization choose a path that limits future options, its ability to deal with the next challenge will be hamstrung. Balancing the need to respond to challenges while not limiting future options (two goals that are somewhat in opposition) is required for success. Organizations that perform well in these areas are, by definition, more resilient to threats and will exhibit higher levels of Vitality. We have systematically built our products and services to help organizations maintain/enhance their Vitality by performing well against each of these challenges.


OrgVitality’s services are diverse and comprehensive. Through a variety of Human Resources and Management consulting solutions, we can help you maintain Organizational Vitality:

Employee Research and Effectiveness
Organization Effectiveness Surveys
Employee Engagement & Confidence Surveys
360 Surveys/Multi-rater Assessments
Exit Surveys
Focus Groups
Social Networks

Customer Intelligence
Customer Experience Surveys – Current, Potential and Lost
Panel Research – Brand Attraction, Potential Customers
Qualitative Research - Focus Groups, Interviews
Customer Networks

Advanced Research Analysis
Linkage Research
Diversity Analysis
Program Evaluation
Human Resource Analytics
Customer Intelligence Analytics

Individual Assessments
Assessment Centers
Executive Assistance Programs

HR Support
HR Department Evaluations/Redesign and Implementation

Organizational Development
Strategic Organization Development Interventions

Leadership Development
Team Building
Executive Development
Succession Planning

Talent Management
Employee Selection Systems
Onsite and Remote Learning
Coaching and Mentoring Programs
Reward and Recognition Systems

Social Media Education Modules
Educate management team on best practices in social media
Explore latest digital tools and technologies
Explain implications of new FTC guidelines
Communicate critical role of leadership and climate

Social Media Strategy Consulting
Evaluate existing social media and communication processes
Collaboratively develop social media and/or digital media marketing strategies
Guide development of social media guidelines

Social Networking Implementation Services
Establish and facilitate private online communities for customers or employees
Establish and facilitate public Web 2.0 communities for current employees/customers or potential employees /customers using social media tools (e.g.,  Facebook, Twitter, etc.)