RobeProbe is here!!! The only comprehensive website that allows lawyers and litigants to rate the judicial performance of judges and bankruptcy trustees in a civilized, easy to use forum. RobeProbe will revolutionize the legal community and the courts. Did you ever walk into a courtroom totally prepared for your case, but completely unprepared for the curve balls a judge could throw at you? Did you ever go to court knowing very little about a judge, and come out knowing how great or how terrible that judge is by just spending five minutes before him or her? Well, with RobeProbe on your side you will be prepared for both your case and the judge--and you'll know the judge before you enter the courthouse.

What is the most important factor in winning your case? Believe it or not, it's the judge who gets to hear the case. That's right. The judge has the power to determine what evidence comes before or is withheld from a jury. The judge decides pre-trial motions that often significantly affect the final outcome of the case. The judge controls the pace and the tone of a trial. The judge is the one who will decide if your client's bail may or may not be reduced before you even get a chance to argue the rest of your case. All of these decisions are very important. Therefore, you need to really know your judge. Those who walk into a courtroom blindly without having some background information about the particular proclivities of the judge are often frustrated in their efforts to obtain good results in their cases. Those who take the time to do a little homework by knowing more about the judge, often get better results. With RobeProbe you are now better prepared because you will know those things about a judge that can impact your case. Unfortunately for the justice system, it is sometimes a personal idiosyncracy of a judge that can make or break a case for some lawyers. Hopefully, with RobeProbe on your side you will know this before you go to court.

The purpose of this website is to help the public become better informed about the judges who may be presiding over their case. This site puts a mirror to those public servants who make-up our courts. Judges can also become better informed about how others (particularly, lawyers) view them. RobeProbe serves as a report card that lawyers and litigants can use to grade the best performing judges and the worst performing judges. This site is not intended as a medium for airing gossip, scandal, political or personal attacks against judges. As the RobeProbe community continues to grow, such criticism will not be tolerated and those who would try to turn RobeProbe into a gossip and scandal site will be shunned and will not be permitted by fellow members to participate. Now that RobeProbe is here judges will know how others appreciate their public service and give them praise when they are good, and criticize them when they are bad. Judges who believe they are untouchable can no longer ignore criticism as if it were never going to affect them. Those days are over. It will affect them. The legal community will be instantaneously disseminating the ratings information to those who hold power over judges--the public--so that the public could ultimately elevate the good judges and remove ("Diss-Robe") the bad judges. Because of the power of the internet, the courts will now be more democratic and changes to the courts could take effect more quickly and fairly. It is expected that when enough votes are cast to remove a rogue judge (a "RogueRobe") or an incompetent judge who creates a danger to society, the "powers that be" may be moved to actually remove the judge. And if they are not so moved, it is RobeProbe's aim to educate the public about the lack of accountability that maintains the status quo and shields some judges from public criticism and scrutiny into their misbehavior and incompetence.

RobeProbe was created with input from practicing lawyers with years of courtroom experience. These lawyers know what it is like to walk into a courtroom completely prepared for their case and walk out completely surprised at how a judge could turn all that preparation into wasted time because of the judge's unprofessional, intemperate, biased or incompetent conduct. With RobeProbe the tables are turned. A judge guilty of "RobeRage" shall become exposed and will risk receiving numerous votes for removal from the bench. The judge had better be prepared to modify his/her poor behavior and quickly adapt so that s/he could aspire to join the ranks of "RobeProbe's best judges" and avoid being "BenchSlapped", "Diss-Robed", voted into "RobeProbe's hall of shame" or added to the "RogueRobes gallery". Please review "HOW TO USE THIS SITE" in our Terms of Use section before participating.

Judicial elections will never be the same. RobeProbe.com now posts judicial election campaign videos by judicial candidates and incumbents for voters to rate, review and critique judicial candidates.