Robert K. Morillo is being called "The Breakthrough Specialist", a nod to his relentless work to empower Florida families and business owners, allowing them to thrive - even after life’s unfortunate setbacks. Having risen from personal hardship to now being a breakthrough Realtor and Credit Paramedic, Robert is the real life story of going from financial struggle to financial freedom, home ownership and business success. As a father of two beautiful baby girls, he knows all too well the impact a poor financial resume can have on one's ability to achieve success in business and provide a home for their family.

Having once experienced purchasing rejection and opportunity denial he can appreciate firsthand, the plight of a family or business looking to bounce back from financial adversity. If credit repair for home ownership is your aim, Robert has developed an industry-leading toolkit and service that empowers people to participate in buying opportunities and accelerate their purchasing goals to fast fruition. He now navigates his clients by hand through those same doors of opportunity and helps them to experience similar success and freedom.

Robert's ability to listen and understand his client's needs has allowed him to consistently deliver exceptional results and surpass expectations. His personable and professional character allows him to build and maintain solid relationships, which explains why his business has grown mostly from referrals and repeat clients. His polished, no-nonsense code of conduct and commitment has helped him to effectively supply his clients and Florida families with a strengthened confidence when pursuing their real estate dreams and investment goals.