Real Estate Service

Why do you need a lawyer for a residential real estate purchase?

Intelligent consumers are well-advised to enlist the assistance of a qualified real estate attorney. Buying a home will likely be the biggest and most important financial transaction of your life. You need a qualified professional to help guide you through the complicated world of today’s real estate transaction, and help you steer clear of problems.

Your real estate attorney owes an undivided duty of loyalty to you, unlike others involved in the real estate transaction, such as real estate salespersons, lenders, appraisers, inspectors and title insurance company representatives. Before you sign documents involving significant legal rights and obligations, your attorney can explain terms and help you understand what you are signing.

Therefore, you would be well-advised to see your lawyer first. Consult an attorney before signing any offer to purchase property. Thereafter, my office can help you negotiate the specific terms of the contract, review title documents and ensure that clear title to the property will be conveyed, help you evaluate mortgage financing options and explain the terms of your mortgage loan, help guide you at closing through the stack of documents that you will be asked to sign, and check to be sure that the conveyance documents have been properly prepared and actually convey good title to the property to you. If you are married, your real estate attorney can also help you evaluate the pros and cons of taking title as joint tenants or as tenants by the entirety, and can explain to you the consequences of the various options.


My practice involves giving advice and consultaion on S and C Corporations for both small and large entities. My extensive knowledge in this area, in both academia and practice allows me to provide you with an expertise on various complex legal issues that arise. In addition to legal advice, I can provide you very high-level tax advice on these different tax vehicles.

Limited Liability Corporation

The State of Illinois allows an individual, a group of individuals, or various companies to form a Limited Liability Company (LLC). This corporate form is relatively new, but offers various strategic legal and tax advantages. In addition to forming and filing your corporate forms, I will also consult with you in forming your operating agreement and obtaining your respective federal and state tax identification numbers. Finally, we will obtain your corporate seal and book and continuously keep it updated with your minutes.

Limited Liability Partnership

The State of Illinois allows several individuals to form a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) that offers several advantages over traditional partnership.

Strategic Financial Planning and Tax Advice

My experience in the corporate world can provide you with significant value added tax and financial opportunities for you and/or your business. This area of expertise ranges from financial management and planning, creating a business plan, seeking investor resources and maximizing tax saving opportunities that are available to you.

Purchase and Sale Agreements

Selling your home or your business requires the successful accomplishment of several legal steps. I can help you in ensuring that sound purchase or sale of your home or business.

Loan Modifications

The current economic turmoil, while subsiding, has left countless Americans in a financially catastrophic condition.  Whether the loss of a job, decrease in salary, death of a family member, or decrease in income resulting from medical bills, too many citizens are put in an impossible position and are on the brink of losing their homes.  We can help you try to keep your home.  

At the urging of the President, Congress recently enacted legislation aimed to help Americans who have experienced a hardship and who have high mortgage payments on their owner-occupied homes.  We have assisted over 1000 Illinoisians keep their homes and lower their monthly income.  Let us apply our experience, knowledge of this and other legislation, and negotiating skills for you and your family.