For more than 20 years Rob Purfield has built a career providing advice on the psychology of leadership, corporate performance and personal growth.

Rob spends much of his time working with corporate organisations, coaching individuals and delivering motivational speeches. When he’s not doing all of that he’s writing articles and making videos on the subject.

Rob is often described as an entertaining, charismatic and challenging character who brings together the vast array of enlightening skills, tools and techniques that he has developed over time to drive others to improve their individual and corporate performance.

Having enjoyed a career that started in the high flying world of Accountancy with one of the ‘Big Four’, Rob’s transition into sales is what fired his passion for achievement through self-belief and motivation.

Rob’s proposition that “athletes perform against each other regardless of the weather or track conditions, therefore, companies compete against their rivals not market conditions” has never been more relevant than in today’s environment.

Experience of working in the leisure Sector, automotive Sector, engineering industry coupled with his finance experience gives Robert amazing insight to share with his audiences, always displaying remarkable understanding of what makes people reach their potential.

Starting from a platform of “Potential = Performance less Interference” and by highlighting the nine key things which stop people and organisations reaching their true potential, Robert’s no-nonsense style stops his audiences in their tracks – making them think about what action they can take to improve their own performance with immediate effect.
Areas of Expertise

As a genuine expert in NLP, Robert studied for 3 years with NLP Co-creator John Grinder, qualified in both hypnotism and hypnotherapy; Robert’s grasp of popular psychology and its impact on personal and corporate achievement makes him stand out as a formidable agent of change in any environment.

In 2008 Robert qualified as a Fire-walk Instructor, adding fire-walking seminars to his armoury. He says, “Fire-walking is a powerful metaphor for self-belief! If you can do that – you can do anything! In these challenging economic times many are finding it tough out there. Completing a fire-walk is an exciting experience that lifts your spirits and opens your mind to the endless possibilities for achievement in your life – both professional and personal.”

Bringing all this together with his finance background, business acumen, and unique presentation style, makes Robert a truly inspirational speaker, trainer, coach and business consultant.

Clients include: Vauxhall, Smith & Nephew, Hull City Football Club, Harley Davidson, Volvo, Hull University Logistics Institute, Linpac, Pinnacle Engineering, Motor Clean, British Gas, Volkswagen.

For more information about Rob visit http://www.RobPurfield.com