About RSW
RSW, formerly an Eastman Kodak Company manufacturing facility was purchased in October 2011. The facility was renamed Rochester Silver Works, LLC and has retained all 55 highly skilled former Kodak employees and all of Kodak’s silver nitrate, silver refining and film recycling business unit operations. RSW will continue to provide services for refining silver, manufacturing silver nitrate and recycling photographic film base.

Refining/Recycling Location
RSW is located in the heart of Eastman Business Park (EBP); a 900-acre industrial complex located near the shores of Lake Ontario in Rochester, New York, where more than 30 companies call home. RSW occupies ~150,000 square foot within EBP and operates state-of-the-art metals refining, film recycling and silver nitrate manufacturing operations.

Facility Information
RSW has an expert staff of chemists, engineers, analytical technicians and administrative personnel experienced in handling all forms of silver and film based materials for refining and/or recycling.