About Us
Founded in 1998 by award-winning photographer Jill Furmanovsky, Rockarchive has become the world's finest print archive specialising in rock and roll imagery.
Many of Rockarchive's distinguished contributors were instrumental in shaping the iconic identities of rock music's greatest musicians. Whether capturing the spirit of a live show in the pit at a gig, collaborating directly with musicians to create an unforgettable record cover, or shooting timeless documentary images, our photographers and art-directors have worked and continue to work directly at the source.
Rockarchive follows in the footsteps of collectives like Magnum. Its general philosophy is to accord recognition to the art of rock photography and to help maintain the rights of its practitioners. Rockarchive is dedicated to promoting less well-known work by high profile photographers, as well as the work of up and coming photographers.
Look closely at the work we publish; read the captions, and you will suddenly find yourself there. That is the power of rock photography at its best.