What is “Rock Candy Media” anyway?

Good question. We are a full-service design and marketing firm specializing in making things happen, using everything we have at our disposal.

What do you have at your disposal?

We have all the talent and resources to plan and execute creative marketing campaigns designed around captivating whatever audience we need to reach.

How do you “captivate” my audience?

First, we figure out who your audience is. If you are trying to promote your line of lava lamps that change color depending on stock market indicators, you would have a different audience from someone with a chain of food stands selling ice cream to dogs.

Once we know your audience, we figure out how to appeal to them in a way that says more than just, “hey, it’s ice cream––but for dogs.”

That’s the benefit of working with a design firm that’s also an ad agency. We help you look the part, act the part, and express your brand in a way that truly stands apart.

I’ve done just fine without Rock Candy Media. Why should I use it now?

Once we apply our creativity to your dream, you’ll be hooked. And Rock Candy Media junkies tend to be high-functioning. But if “just fine” is good enough for you, best of luck!