Rockmount Financial Corporation, a private Ontario corporation headquartered in Calgary, was acquired by present management in 1976. Rockmount and its affiliates are engaged in investment management and corporate finance including origination, negotiation, and advising with respect to investments. The group applies a broad range of instruments and vehicles including syndications, limited partnerships, trusts, asset backed securities, private placements and public offerings of debt and equity.

Rockmount's current projects include the completion of a brownfield redevelopment, founding an environmental technologies business incubator, developing an environmental technology business, and capitalizing a private, Alberta based trust company. Rockmount is an active private equity investor in opportunities in which its expertise can add value.

Rockmount and its affiliates are active members in: the Calgary Chamber of Commerce; the Canadian Association of Business Incubators; the Independent Lubricant Manufacturers Association; the International Council of Shopping Centers; the Mortgage Bankers Association; the National Business Incubator Association; the National Oil Recycling Association; Sustainable Industrial Development for the 21st Century; the Urban Development Institute—Calgary Chapter; and  the Venture Capital Association of Alberta.