Rod Colom, President of Rod Colom Construction located in Ripley, MS, entered into a contract for $198,500 with my firm to build box culverts. Rod Colom received the services from my firm and refused to pay for the services provided. He then used a deceptive trade practice, in violation of the MS Consumer Protection Act, by going to my employees and hiring them directly so that his failure to pay me would not stop the job. He never turned in the subcontract agreement between my firm and Colom Construction to the Prime Contractor or Mississippi Department of Transportation as required by regulation, thinking that this was eliminate his obligation to pay my firm for services rendered.

Rod Colom committed fraud by tuning in falsified certified payrolls to the prime contractor and causing those certified payrolls to be submitted to the Mississippi Department of Transportation. Rod Colom purported to have employees working on his payroll, when actually all employees on the job were employed by my firm.

The Prime contract had made requests for Rod Colom to explain to them in writing why he has no paid my firm, but Rod Colom has not responded to their request. What Mr. Colom doesn't know is that he will not receive any further payments from the Prime Contractor until he has paid my firm. Rod Colom and Rod Colom Construction use fraudulent and unethical business practices gainst other small businesses as part of his standard operating procedures.