Leading hair color specialist Rodney Gentry, based at Sachi Studio's in Scottsdale, AZ, knows that for many of his finer-haired clients, avoiding breakage and static are important issues. Achieving subtly boosted volume is also important.

To ensure that his clients with fine hair always look their best, Gentry advocates the use of Goldwell hair color, which cares for the hair at the same time as coloring it. He also recommends a range of products from specialist hair care company Oribe.

“Fine hair should always be treated with respect,” Gentry explains. “It needs to be colored carefully and then styled using products that won’t weight it down, but which will celebrate the hair’s natural softness. Fine hair doesn’t hold styles so well as thicker hair, so it’s doubly important to use the right products when caring for it and styling it.”

Gentry’s essential trio of Oribe products for fine hair are the Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse, the Thick Dry Finishing Spray and, to add further texture, the Dry Texturizing Spray. With years of experience behind him, Gentry has found that this combination provides the ultimate finish for well-coiffed fine hair.

Of course excellent styling needs to follow excellent coloring, which is why Gentry is such a fan of the Goldwell range. He comments:

“I’ve used a wide range of color products during my years and the Goldwell ones are by far the most impressive. The level of nutrition and care that they bring to the hair is unsurpassed and particularly beneficial for clients with fine hair.”

It is such careful product selection, along with his talent for coloring and styling, that has led to Gentry becoming one of the most celebrated hair color specialists in Arizona. He has developed a loyal clientele at the Sachi Suites, having relocated there after running his own salon for a number of years in Chicago.