I'm an individual, and my "business" is my proposed book "A New Earth and A New Universe".

It seems to me that every generation throughout history has decided the world cannot progress significantly beyond the achievements of their generation. The present generation might, for example, sincerely believe there can't be any progress beyond the current understanding of science's Grand Unified Theory or that current scientific method is infallible. I respectfully disagree and it's my goal, by means of the science and curiosity and imagination (not fantasy) in my writings, to show everybody that there is still so much progress to be made that the whole world will be busy for thousands (if not millions) of years yet.

So, in a few words, what's this proposed book (A New Earth and A New Universe) about?

Imagination is more important than knowledge...
Albert Einstein
German physicist (1879 - 1955)

In this quote, Einstein isn't speaking of fantasy, but of applying scientific knowledge in an imaginative way (maybe it would be better to say "imagination is just as important as knowledge"). Anyway, the following might be dismissed as too speculative because it isn't written in mathematical equations and its conclusions can't be verified in a laboratory. But if you think imagination applied to science can teach us new things, read on … and enjoy!

These writings mention universal unification that is far more comprehensive than today's scientific and mathematical attempts to find a "Grand Unified Theory". A few lines from the poem about Kal-el/Clark Kent/Superman make it clearer by what I mean when I say "more comprehensive" -

"Kal-el left for the rainbow's end in the 44th century,
Where he met a young woman named Kary.
Science had combined all forces but gravity in the Grand Unified Theory,
Then added gravity to the previous 3 to form the Unified Field Theory.
Clark's idea of energy pulses transformed into the idea of zero separation
Between objects in space-time (the revolutionary UFT 2nd version).
So he and Kary (and the rest of the world) are each other, in fact;
Just as UFTv2 unites the Relativist and Quantum Mechanic."

They also mention a possible way out of the global financial crisis (with major political benefits), health and medicine, Mobius loops, dark matter, superstring theory, fractal geometry, motion, light and electromagnetism, quantum mechanics, other universes, the Big Bang and Steady State theories, dark energy, evolution, Darwin, Einstein, Newton, Frankenstein, Doctor Who, Star Trek, computer science, holographic technology, God, Intelligent Design, Hinduism, a couple of possible ways to attain world peace, etc etc ... It's wide-ranging because it uses scientifically-applied imagination to unify these concepts.