The Roger Bacon Academy is an educational management company operating charter schools that make a difference. Our schools are tuition-free, open enrollment public schools focused on quality education and premier performance-driven year-round education.

The Roger Bacon Academy teaches a classical curriculum espousing the traditional values of our western civilization.

The Academy believes that one must be taught to express clearly one's ideas and to understand the expressions of others in order for error-free communication to take place. Such expressions may be through writing, painting, mathematics, poetry, music, or other means. In writing, for example, both the author and the reader must share the common set of standard rules of their language for communication to occur. Thus, The Academy first strives to teach the standard, accepted rules of expression for each medium - language, mathematics, science, art, or music.

Secondly and of equal importance, the students learn the best examples of each form of expression as developed throughout our history. Writers from Homer through Hemmingway, painters from the cave artists to Carravagio, and scientists from Aristotle to Einstein are studied as great examples of each type of expression.