Rogue Records Online was started in 1999 as a satellite label to create and licence music for Video games, TV and Film. The earliest project that is still current to this day is Pimp X. An electronica project to soundtrack for licensing. The label from 1999 to 2004 had 4 artists being distributed thru CD baby. Kobie, OR, 420 Daddy’s and Pimp X.

In 2004 Rogue Records Online went into stealth mode while still distributing music online thru CD baby, its main focus was licensing. The label had some success scoring deal with Majesco, Activision, Spark Unlimited, SEGA, Volkswagon and Sony Pictures. The most recent soundtrack put together for Iron Man 2 published by SEGA of America.

In 2010 the label came out of stealth with a new and much larger distribution deal with The Orchard for all digital media and Koch Media for conventional retail It also changed its name to Rogue Records America. Its first worldwide release was San Francisco based The Last Nova’s second effort Castles for Crows.

Looking to the future the label is now focused on delivering entertainment media to the masses thru Social, Mobile, Console and Browser based applications…offering the listener music 24-7 / 365 days a year in over 233 countries worldwide.