Rogue Royalty

Premium Quality Strong Dog Wear - Big Dog Specialist
We specialize in producing strong dog collars and strong dog harnesses and accessories for dogs, especially the large breeds types such as Bullmastiffs, Cane Corso, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Boerboels, Dogue de Bordeaux and pit bulls.  Rogue Royalty canine wear is made with quality and functionaility in mind so we always aim to produce the finest built strong dog leash, strong dog collars and heavy duty dog harnesses.

RAW Barf Diet
We sell a natural food and raw diets for dogs. Our raw food is goat, raw green tripe, rabbit and hare. We don't like intensive farming and we believe feeding your dog a raw diet provides optimum health as this caters to the needs of the canine.

Natural Dog Treats
We sell an air dried goat offal jerk and green tripe. Both are enriched with natural herbs that serve to fortify your dogs immune system.

Natural Dog Shampoo
Our range of  natural shampoo is made from natural oils. No sulfates, no detergents.The base is pure coconut oil. It is safe for use on dogs, horses and even humans.

We sell worldwide retail and wholesale.