Rogue Telecom Consulting is a professional services and national telecom agency firm.  We are a Dallas Texas based organization that provides a suite of services that are based on 15 years of telecom and technology industry experience.

Over this time we have developed relationships with all the “Best of Breed” solution providers and understand their value propositions in today’s complex market place.  This experience benefits our clients by aligning their business goals with the right technology, the right vendor, and at the right price.

We supplement this endeavor with Project Management and Telecom Administration services to help with the deployment of chosen services.
We serve the retail, restaurant, and hospitality market segments.

Our commitment is to deliver telecom and technology guidance of the highest quality and integrity, make life long customers, and friends.

Our Q3 Proposal Process allows our clients to receive competing bids for service based on their needs and requirements from “Best of Breed” solution providers. This is provided at no additional charge.

We also have organized two industry specific goups on linkedin the "Retail Technology Association" & the Restaurant Technology Association. The value of the RTA is simple. Our clients can join a group of industry professionals that offer a forum to vet ideas, gain best practices, receive vendor recommendations, and keep ahead of the technology curve.
This is an exclusive association for only IT & Telecom professionals (CIO, IT Directors, Telecom Managers)

We also provide a suite of professional services to help our clients with solution deployment and integration.

Project Management – Our staff, over their 15 years of experience, has managed the deployment of over 10,000 end points. Our philosophy firmly believes that planning, communication, and execution is the key to a successful deployment of services.
Telecom Administration – Once the deployment is complete, documenting inventory and vendor procedures are paramount.  We provide access to an on-line tool to help our clients manage these requirements so they can make informed decisions in the future.