Super low-cost, easy-to-use service lets you make high-quality calls to 85 countries from your UK mobile or landline with no internet connection or per minute rates.

RokVox, a new international calling service, works with your existing mobile or landline so does away with the need for calling cards, SIM card swaps, complicated access codes or a wifi, internet or data connection.

No more worrying about running up huge bills or different costs for different countries - there are no varying rates with RokVox.  Customers pay a flat rate amount for a massive 3000 minute allowance every month to any of the listed countries.  With no long contracts or run-on-rates, customers are in total control.

Call mobiles and landlines worldwide - RokVox lets customers make super-cheap calls from the UK to 85 countries including Brazil, India, China, Bangladesh, New Zealand, Australia, Poland and South Africa.

RokVox was founded with one aim, to simplify international calling and bring down the cost with a reliable service that makes it simple for friends, families and businesses to keep in touch across the world.