Seattle Roller Derby and Bellevue Roller Derby are recreational leagues in the Seatle Area.dedicated to mainstreaming the sport by making it available to anyone who wants to learn to skate,advance their skills, mentor or represent their communities on community all star teams.

Our mission is to contribute to personal health and wellness for all participants by creating a safe environment to learn, increase self-confidence, realize potential, make social connections and experience overall growth through the sport of Roller Derby with an emphasis on sportsmanship, positive attitudes and athleticism.

BEGINNING                    INTERMEDIATE                   ADVANCED  

Our curriculum is designed to introduce skaters to the fast growing sport of Roller Derby over six week intervals, learning rules and skills while building fitness levels.  None of our beginning classes are full body contact. The Basics and intermediate classes will culminate in a mini-scrimmage that will be open to families and friends for viewing.

Intermediate level will progress to some light hitting with more emphasis on actual scrimmages and positional blocking while learning the more advanced rules of the sport.

Advanced level skaters will have the opportunity to form teams, master the rules and compete in scrimmages and competition with one another as well as other communities that join in on the new wave of Roller Derby as a Mainstream Sport!

No beginners will need to tryout to participate, and once the basic skills are learned intermediate classes will be offered. All advanced skaters will have the option of being on competitive teams. Our allstar teams will represent their communities and will not be required to do volunteer / comittee work. Uniforms, gear and travel expenses will be provided to our allstar skaters.

Roller Derby is Forming an Olympic Committee!  Make no mistake, this is a sport! We want you to help the Seattle Area stay on the cutting edge! We'll soon be needing refs, coaches, parents and anyone who wants to help spread the derby love.