About Us:

It’s Nothing Like You Remember….

In 2003 flat track roller derby was born in Austin, TX and hasn’t  stopped growing since.  Flat track roller derby is not the roller derby of the 70’s and 80’s.  The staged fights and acrobatics are gone.  The falls, broken bones, and bruises are very much real.  Competitive women involved in a full contact sport with a high regard for sportswomanship and their community is what flat track roller derby is made of.  What began as one small organization has grown into over 300 national and worldwide teams.  2009 was a banner year for the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) with new members and membership requests growing so large that it had to further divide up its regions so it could accommodate its yearly national tournament.  Your Springfield Rollergirls are currently in the process for applying for WFTDA and will be skating in the South Central Region.

Springfield has a Roller Derby Team?

Formed in the fall of 2006 by reputable skater Jason McDaniel, (Rollerjam, X-Games, Worlds 199 )the Springfield Rollergirls are owned and operated by the women who skate for it.  Practicing 2-3 times a week SRG is the areas first and only flat track roller derby team.  SRG is registered as an LLC and is dedicated to offering the 417 land and beyond an alternative form of athletic entertainment.

Bouting for 2 1/2 seasons now the Springfield Rollergirl All Stars are undefeated.  2010 looks to be the most exciting season for the team yet as their impressive record is giving them the chance to play more established and experienced leagues.  They hope to make the WFTDA South Central Regionals in 2010 to compete for their chance at WFTDA Nationals.

SRG also has a B team, the Springfield Battlebroads as well as two home teams;  the Bitter Betsy’s and the Doomzday Dollz.  At this time they have been put on hold while the girls work together to cultivate their tournament teams.  As SRG membership grows we look forward to bringing these two home teams back to you!

How much do you get paid to do that?

A Springfield Rollergirl’s commitment  is required to go beyond participating in practice and games.  This grassroots organization requires it’s members to not only pay a monthly due but help contribute the community and the league itself  so that SRG can continue to grow and establish itself in Southwest Missouri years to come.  Being a part of a roller derby league is rewarding in many ways but money is not one of them.  We skate for the love of the game.


The Springfield Rollergirls, LLC (SRG) is an all female flat track roller derby league that is owned and operated by the women who skate for it.  Established in the fall of 2006, SRG strives to empower local women by offering them an alternative way to stay physically fit as well as an opportunity to become part of a strong sisterhood.

Encouraging good sportswoman-ship above all else we put a high priority on giving back to our community as well as maintaining a positive influence on the advancements and new direction that today’s roller derby is headed.

The Springfield Rollergirls play by the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association’s (WFTDA) most recent rule set and is working to become a member of the aforementioned association.  By becoming a member of the Springfield Rollergirls you are becoming a part of an effort to establish the sport of women’s roller derby in the 417 area for years to come. IN May of 2010 the Springfield Rollergirls were accepted in to the WFTDA as an apprentice league.