I am a Freelance Author and a Self-publisher.

About the Author
A man who has many skills in the art of Labor, considered a jack of many trades. His history of travel to work with his hands, lead him to experience the many facets of life. He has had a passion for writing since a toddler; his expressive nature has now encouraged this literary turn. Learning the hard way that his actions expressed weren’t always welcomed, he found sobriety could redefine his character at the age of thirty four. Having to develop a spiritual path in order to stay clean and sober, he has succumbed to his spiritual and philosophical ideas with an extended need to write it down.

Perhaps it was from his early childhood the evidence of his imaginative insight may be found, for it was at the age of six he was pronounced legally blind. Forced to turn inward for comfort and meaning, he embraced the true essence of the spirit in humanity. Eyeglasses revealed a new and different world to Rolley, but the new world never truly destroyed the intensity of his earlier visions. Now in his mid-fifties, this heartfelt passion is being revealed once again through his writing. Always writing from what he feels, a lot of his works are privately distributed. Wanting to share with everyone his gained knowledge of happiness, he is now publishing several of his short stories and articles. His intentions are to clarify the meaning of anything he writes, with a simple and easy to understand explanation.