RomanticPrintables(tm) is a collection of more than 200 professionally designed printable products, such as love coupons, love notes, games and stationary. They are all delivered electronically in a matter of minutes and virtually eliminate the waiting period that accompanies most other online purchases.  "If you get home from work and realize you've forgotten a birthday or anniversary you can sneak onto the computer for 10 minutes and return with a handful of gifts," notes Sara Reed, founder of RomanticPrintables.com

These truly are a win-win gift – imagine giving your husband a coupon redeemable for “a day trip, just you and I”, or giving your girlfriend a coupon redeemable for “25 kisses (not on the lips)”.  RomanticPrintables.com includes 50 of these extremely unique, fun and sexy coupons ready for printing!  Include them with a birthday or anniversary card; print your favorites and staple them together as a coupon booklet for her stocking; hide one in your boyfriend’s lunch…the possibilities are endless!

Printable Love Coupons  “Instant Romance!”
We've put a romantic twist on the traditional idea of grocery coupons...the result is "Love Coupons". A love coupon can be redeemable for just about anything..."a night out dancing", "an after-work quickie", "15 minutes of whatever you want", just to name a few. For only $9.97 you can download 50 of these extremely unique, fun and sexy coupons ready for printing. That's right...you won't wait for them to come in the mail...instant access is a minute away!

Printable Love Notes  “The Cure for Writer’s Block!”
Don't let writer's block prevent you from being romantic...these ultra sweet love notes are prewritten! The collection includes lust notes for times when you are feeling a little more risqué. Download and print all 60 love notes for only $9.95! We won't keep you waiting by the mailbox, you can print the love notes now!

Printable Question Game  “Get to Know Each Other”
Discover exactly how your partner wants to be romanced! Our question game is a fun and casual way to get to know your sweetheart. All the game pieces are printable, so you can play tonight if you want :). It only costs $4.95 to print the entire question game, that's 70 cards. To play, place the game cards in a bowl and take turns picking one and asking each other the question on your card. Check out the question game samples to see for yourself...this game is far from boring!