Roman Way Productions founded by Frank Rainone and Teresa Sorkin prides itself on finding and cultivating the best stories, talent and content possible. Their goal is to scour the globe for amazing stories that can be turned into traditional scripted Television, feature film or reality content.  Roman Way prides itself on developing outstanding relationships with talent to help develop the most unique and compelling stories to tell. With  extensive business partnerships  with studios, writers, actors and other production companies Roman Way is able to take each project and package it the best way possible.  Roman Way is also dedicated to giving back and also takes on projects that make a difference as well as entertain.  

Roman Way believes in 360 deals and has incorporated a book division.  The division currently has three titles in development.  Their first novel  The Woman in the Park will be out this summer and is published with Beaufort Books.  Roman Way has also optioned the bestseller Shepherdess of Sienna and the Memoir based on Mulberry Street both of which are in development for television series.  

Roman Way has also partnered with PI&C an international production and advertising firm for media branding as well as TV and Film Development.  They are also partnering with emmy award winning  journalists who have stories to tell and are currently developing true-crime articles.  The company is also developing branded content for various companies as well.

Roman Way Productions believes that from the beginning of time story-telling is what has enhanced the world and continues to bring each and everyone of us together.  We are determined to bring only the finest and best quality stories to light.